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Discover your perfect home with Bee City Living, strategically located in the heart of Manchester. Our local expertise and years of rental experience make your move seamless and stress-free.

We guide you effortlessly through the process of finding, securing, and settling into your ideal rental. Our friendly team ensures a hassle-free experience.

Explore our selection of properties in Greater Manchester on our website – your new home awaits!

Guide to renting with Bee City Living

Step 1 - Choosing your new home

Find your new home by browse our current rentals, or contacting us and let us work on your behalf. We’ll alert you to any possible properties so that you are the first to view.

Check out our properties via our Property Search page!

Step 2 - References and guarantors

Whether you are a student or professional it is normal practice for any letting agent to check your suitability! Some landlords might ask for a guarantor, this is not uncommon and you should not be concerned. We’re just making sure this is the right fit for all parties involved.

Step 3 - The tenancy agreement

This is a legal document that states the terms of conditions of the tenancy and designed to protect both you and the landlord. Don’t worry, we have the legal side covered for both parties.

Step 4 - Your security deposit

Your deposit is secure with us! We protect all deposits with The Dispute Service (TDS) – an independent, not-for-profit company established in 2003 to safeguard deposits and resolve complaints or disputes arising in the private rented sector in a speedily, cost-effective and fair manner.

Step 5 - Collecting keys and moving in

Your new home is ready! We’re here to handle everything and make the transition into your place as smooth as possible. Time to settle in and make yourself at home!

Our moving in process is to help you and the landlord, with our Moving In or Moving Out Inventory Report we ensure that everything is as it should be!

Step 6 - Help is on hand

Throughout the course of your tenancy, we will check in with you and carry out a few routine visits to ensure that everything is going smoothly and the property is being maintained to the expected standard.

Should you have a problem with your property, we are here to help at a moment’s notice.
With our online maintenance service you can contact us with any issues, at any time

Step 7 - Parting ways

Whether you’re soon to buy your own place or are leaving for greener pastures, we’re here to help with your transition!

We’re here to make your transition into your new home and deposit return procedures as painless and hassle-free as possible.

Need something else?

For more information about these topics and more, check out our in-depth tenant help system here!


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