How often do you carry out property inspections? 出租物業應該幾耐進行一次家訪?

According to a survey report by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), only 62% of landlords who responded to the questionnaire conduct regular visits to their rental properties on their own or through a property agent. The remaining 23% of landlords visit their properties irregularly, while 15% never conduct home visits.
Regular home visits are crucial for ensuring that the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease, using the property appropriately, and keeping the property clean. Additionally, regular home visits are necessary for fulfilling the requirements of property insurance and tenancy agreements.
If you are a landlord who lives in another city or country, you may find it challenging to conduct regular home visits. However, it is essential to make an effort to do so to ensure that your property is being taken care of properly.
據NRLA (National Residential Landlords Association)的問卷調查報告表示,於回覆的問卷業主中,只有62%的業主會自行或委託物業代理定時家訪出租物業,而23%的業主只會不定期上門,剩餘的15%業主則從不進行家訪。

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