How to Choose a Letting Agency with High-quality Service and a Good Reputation? 如何選擇一間優質服務、信譽良好的租務代理

In the UK, property agents engaged in residential lettings must be registered members of government-authorized Redress Schemes.

We saw a discussion among some Hong Konger on the Internet. Whether the Landlord wants to find a letting agent to manage and rent the property, or the tenant wants to rent the property through a letting agent, it is difficult to choose a leasing agent with high quality service and good reputation. , here are some suggestions for landlords and tenants

Although letting agent companies and practitioners do not need to be licensed as in Hong Kong, the law stipulates that letting management and letting property agents must be registered members of redress schemes authorized by the government. The agent must tell you and belong to the redress scheme, and the redress scheme name must be displayed on its offices and website.

In England and Wales, there are only the following 2 Redress Schemes:

  • The Property Ombudsman Limited
  • Property Redress Scheme

In addition, British law requires that letting agents engaged in the rental business must be members of the statutory Redress Scheme. If property agents collect rent and other payments for landlord management, they must be members of the Client Money Protection Scheme.

In England and Wales, client money protection schemes include:

  • Client Money Protect
  • Money Shield
  • Propertymark
  • RICS
  • Safeagent (previously NALS)
  • UKALA Client Money Protection

There is absolutely no guarantee for the Landlord to hand over the property to a Letting Agent who is not a registered member. When hiring a Letting agent to handle leasing matters, the Landlord should remember to pay attention to whether the property agent is a member of the scheme.

在英國, 從事住宅租務的物業代理必須是政府授權的 Redress Schemes 的註冊成員.

在網上看到香港朋友討論, 無論是業主想找租務代理管理及出租物業, 又或是租戶經租務代理承租物業, 要選擇一間優質服務、信譽良好的租務代理都不知從可入手, 以下是給業主及租客的一些建議

雖然租務代理公司及從業員不像香港需要拎取牌照, 但法例規家租務管理及出租物業的代理必須是政府授權的  Redress Schemes 的註冊成員. 代理必須告訴你並所屬的Redress Schemes,  代理亦必須在其辦公室和網站上顯示該計劃的名稱。

在英格蘭及威爾斯, 只有以下2個Redress Schemes:

  • 另外, 英國法例要求物業代理從事出租事務, 必須是法定補償計劃(Redress Scheme)的成員, 如果物業代理為業主管理收取租金等款項,他們就必須是客戶資金保護計劃(Client Money Protection Scheme) 的成員。

在英格蘭及威爾斯, Client Money Protection Scheme 包括:

業主將物業交給非註冊成員的租務代理公司是完全沒有保障, 業主在聘用物業代理為其處理租務事項時, 記緊要留意物業代理是否計劃成員之一

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