Besides Paying Rent, What Other Expenses are Tenants Responsible for? 作為租客,究竟有甚麼費用除了租金是要自己負責呢?

As a tenant, what expenses are you responsible for besides rent?

Unless the landlord states that the rent will include water, electricity and gas, the tenant will be responsible for water, electricity, gas, council tax, broadband, TV license and other expenses in addition to the rent.

Water bill

Water suppliers are determined by geographical area, with United Utilities being the only company in the Greater Manchester area.

Electricity and Gas charges

If you pay the energy supplier directly, the tenant has the right to choose a cheaper supplier to supply energy. You can find it with a simple Google search.

Council Tax

The amount of tax depends on the council, but if you are a full-time student, you are exempted. If you live alone or live alone with a child under 18, there is a 25% tax reduction.

Telephone and broadband

If necessary, you will have to pay for your own phone line and broadband charges. For some tenants who rent HMO apartments, several tenants usually choose unlimited data broadband packages. This can share the cost of Internet access on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also eliminates the need to argue about who pays extra fees after data is exceeded.

TV license

As a tenant you are responsible for paying the fee for TV license. You’ll need one if you plan to watch or record any channel’s live TV broadcast.

TV license costs £159, but you can spread it out if you don’t want to pay the whole thing at once. Watching TV without a license could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

You can apply for or renew a TV license at

除非業主有說明租金會包括水電煤費用(Bills Included),否則租客除了租金外,便要負責水、電、煤、市政府稅、寬頻、瀏覽電視許可證等費用。


供水商是根據地理區域而定的,大曼徹斯特地區一律用United Utilities公司。


如果你是直接向能源供應商付款,租戶是有權選擇更便宜的供應商供應能源的,簡單上google search 就能找到 。






作為租戶,您有責任支付瀏覽電視許可證的費用。 如果您打算觀看或錄製任何頻道的直播電視廣播,則需要一個。

瀏覽電視許可證的費用為 159 英鎊,但如果您不想一次性支付全部費用,可以將其分攤。 如未有許可證看電視,便可能面對最高 1,000 英鎊的罰款。

在 上便可以申請或續訂電視許可證。

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