What Is a Good Return on Investment (ROI) for a Buy-to-Let Property in the UK? 如何計算投資物業的租金回報

Due to the recent increase in mortgage interest rates, property prices are gradually trending from sideways to downward. Is this a good time to buy a Buy-to-Let Property? Buying a property is always a major investment, and the amount of money invested can be large or small. You may need to calculate whether there is a reasonable return before doing so, but how should return on investment (ROI) be calculated?

When calculating the rate of return on rental property investment, it can be simply divided into two types: mortgage and cash buy, and the rate of return between the two is also very different:

1) Example of ROI for a property with the loan

First, calculate your rental income for the entire year. Then subtract expenses, including any loan repayments, management fees, maintenance, property agent service fees, periods without tenants, etc.

Annual rent: £8,400

Annual costs including mortgage repayments: £4,000

Annual net profit = £4,400

Purchase price: £150,000

Mortgage used: £100,000

Cash investment: £50,000

ROI is annual net profit (£4,400) divided by the cash you invested (£50,000) x 100 = 8.8%

2) Example of ROI without a mortgage (Cash Buy)

Annual rent: £8,400

Annual cost without a mortgage: £1,500

Annual net profit = £6,900

Purchase price: £150,000

Mortgage used: £0

Cash investment: £150,000

The ROI is now the annual net profit (£6,900) divided by the cash you invested (£150,000) x 100 = 4.6%

We can see that compared with the example of less secured cash investment (8.8%), the return on investment of the example without a mortgage loan (4.6%) is much lower, the difference is as much as 4%, but the loan interest rate can Rise or fall is also a key factor that affects the return of investment.



  1. 有貸款物業的投資回報率示例

首先,計算全年租金收入。 然後減去開消,包括任何償還貸款金額、管理費、維修、物業代理服務費及沒有租戶的時期等等


年度費用,包括抵押貸款還款:4,000 英鎊

年淨利潤 = 4,400 英鎊


使用的抵押貸款:100,000 英鎊

現金投資:50,000 英鎊

投資回報率是年淨利潤(4,400 英鎊)除以您投入的現金(50,000 英鎊)x 100 = 8.8%

2. (全數現金購買)沒有抵押貸款的投資回報率示例


沒有抵押貸款的年度費用:1,500 英鎊

年淨利潤 = 6,900 英鎊




投資回報率現在是年淨利潤(6,900 英鎊)除以您投入的現金(150,000 英鎊)x 100 = 4.6%

我們可以看到,與有抵押現金投資較少的例子 (8.8%) 相比,沒有抵押貸款的例子 (4.6%) 的投資回報率要低得多,相差有4厘之多,但貸款利率可升可跌也是一個會影響回報率的關鍵因素。

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