The impact of HS2 on properties in Manchester

Legislation to implement the high-speed 2 rail development is in progress through Parliament. Recently, the UK Government has published an update on the potential impact on property on or near the proposed route.

Manchester to Crewe section would be on hold

The major change in the legislation is the Golborne Link between Manchester and Crewe which would connect the new line to the existing west coast mainline is removed. If property is located along these areas of the Golborne Link, the existing property safeguarding measures are still available for the time being, which means continuing access to the full range of HS2 property schemes. This includes options for the sale of affected property and compensation payments for properties close to but not directly on the proposed route. The UK Government is now considering alternative options for this part of the project.

Land and property owners and buyers should ensure that they are up to date on the latest plans of HS2 and its implications.  

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