What type of landlord insurance do I need in the UK?

In the UK, the situation is very different. The need to have landlord insurance to protect your rental property against incidents and damage is much concern. There’s a range of landlord insurance that covers a different risk to you or your properties. In order to stay protected, you need to take out dedicated landlord insurance.

Landlord liability insurance protects the owner against any compensation claim from injury or damage to tenants or visitors as a result of something that goes wrong with the property. The accidents that caused the claim may be simple, such as failure to repair the faulty electrical equipment. It has been mentioned many times in previous posts that the UK tenancy regulations tend to protect tenants. Although landlord liability insurance is not a statutory requirement, it is definitely worth having it.

Landlord buildings insurance covers the property owner against damage to the property itself when caused by accidents such as fire, flooding, or vandalism. This kind of insurance covers the structure of the building like walls and floors but does not cover the contents of the property such as furniture and decoration.

If the property is rented furnished with major furniture, owners might want to have landlord contents insurance. It protects the items like white goods and furniture against theft or damage, but it does not cover lost against normal wear and tear sustained during the course of a tenancy. 

In order to further protect rental income, some professional property investors will consider having loss of rent insurance, and tenant default insurance.

Property owners should carefully weigh the risks and purchase appropriate insurance for themselves and the property.

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